Bend Health Guide Coupons use on your mobile device

Bend Health Guide Coupons can be used on your phone!

I am a Massage Therapist by trade, so maybe not the most high tech person, but I was impressed when my client yesterday pulled her Bend Health Guide Coupon up on her phone to redeem it for her free 9 Star Ki Astrology Reading with Massage!

When you advertise a coupon with Bend Health Guide, you really get 2 ads in one. There is the printed version of Bend Health Guide with 20,000 copies going to over 120 locations in Central Oregon. Then there is our Online Health Directory, which is really getting viewed, a lot! according to our Google Analytics. For the price of one ad, you get double the exposure.  Then, I synchronistically read in Forbes magazine  that Mobile Coupons are the #1 way to advertise currently! I believe it, I have attracted over 52 clients since December with my coupon.

We may be the only place in town you can advertise a coupon that can be used with mobile devices.  The coupon ads have certainly proven most effective from last issue. That is why we are promoting them so much for our June issue, you can get 1/4 Page Coupon ad that will be in print & online for a full 6 months time for just $333!!! (regulary $455) right now! Dimensions are 3.35 Wide by 4.5 Tall.  We are limited to how much space we can devote to coupons, so reserve your space soon, Ad deadline is 5/1/17 May Day!