Clear Home, Clear Heart

by Jean Haner

Jean Haner’s new book, Clear Home, Clear Heart takes Magic of Tidying up to a more profound, energetic level. Sure you can have all your shirts stacked and color coordinated in your drawers, but what about that negative vibe hanging over your dresser from a quarrel with your husband? How does one tidy that up?  Jean Haner knows & she can teach you in this hands on healing book!

She gives step by step instructions to release old, stuck energies that may be draining you and how to transform your reactions to negativity or stress as it comes in. I love her self-inquiry process using a pendulum to tune into energy of a space, person or self, to allow this energy to clear, not necessarily to “do” or “fix” anything or anyone, but to surrender to a process of clearing with trust and non-attachment. This is a book you’ll want to own because I already want to read it again, she gives so many insights about our ancestors, our inherited issues, forgiveness, love, family, health, life purpose and our deepest desire, to be seen.

What can this book teach you how to do?

  • Clear your energy and bring balance to your life

  • Transform challenges of being an empath

  • Let go of stress or old pain from past experiences

  • Discover new ways to have clutter finally disappear!

  • Make space for love and abundance in your life

  • Reclaim your vitality and joy

  • Release issues inherited through your family line

  • Finally move beyond old limiting patterns

  • Bring a new sense of peace, clarity and spaciousness to your life

Jean Haner is teaching workshops this Summer, July 23-28 Clear Home, Clear Heart Retreat in Santa Cruz, CA more info @

Her book is available @ Dudley’s Bookstore in Bend