Food based skincare

Food + Wisdom = Beauty

Are your skin care products making you sick, tired, depressed or fat?

The products you use to make you beautiful often contain ingredients that compromise your immune and neurological systems, and disrupt your hormones.

Products labeled “Natural” and “Organic” have been in health food stores for years, assuring us they are better and safer than the rest.  Sadly, their ingredients are often the same as the department/drug store deadly cosmetics, adding essential oils and botanical extracts to the mix, so we will buy their wholesome claims.  Labels with cute bees or herbs, sporting names like Olive Oil Cleanser, Beeswax Hand Cream seem enticing and safe, but approach with caution….there is sodium borate, tocopherols, sodium laureth sulfate, methylisothiazolinone, fragrances, and alcohols, along with other toxic substances, hidden among the benign glycerin and sunflower oil.  These pretty, natural looking formulas are not nature’s best recipes for beauty, but poison potions with side effects that can make you wonder why you just don’t feel good most of the time.

We know the skin care industry is confusing and riddled with misinformation.  Dr. Kathlyn Quatrochi, M.H., N.D., has been in the skin care arena for 45 years, studying and practicing natural approaches to the treatment and therapy of skin. As a forerunner in inventing anti-aging therapies, she has revealed how Nature provides the most effective compounds for restoring youthful epidermal function, by simply using the FOOD WE EAT to create products that work.  Every ingredient in her naturopathic formulas is a pure, simple food, or edible.  Her ingredients label reads like a grocery list including fruits, herbs, seeds and flowers. There are no deceptive essences or long lists of floral and herbal extracts.  While others use a chemical alpha hydroxy acid to do a skin peel, Dr. Kathlyn chooses the natural source of AHA….grapefruit, to refine wrinkles and balance pH of the skin.  We know Vitamin E is excellent for conditioning the skin, but instead of chemical tocopherols, she uses Avocado Oil, rich in Vitamins A and E, as a far more effective ingredient.  The results are remarkable.


Nature does have the secrets of youth and Dr. Kathlyn brings them to you in advanced formulas your body can use to create your most healthy and beautiful complexion.  Proven effective over cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, her Nature’s Perfect Wisdom skin care provides all the most scientific benefits without the harmful hormone disrupting and immune compromising chemicals, breaking new ground in the skin care universe.  Be prepared to discover a whole new world of beauty and optimize your health with non-toxic products you can trust.  A MUST for anyone with health challenges.  A CHOICE for the discerning health conscious. And, when it comes to BEAUTY…Only Mother Nature can hold back Father Time.


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