Eclipse 2017
Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017

Total Eclipse 2017

On August 21 at 10:04AM (PT), a total solar eclipse will move across the US, west to east, visible in Central Oregon as we are in the Path of Totality (especially Madras). Day shifts to night, stars glow in a sudden darkening of the sky. Ancients marveled at this miracle of the Sun being swallowed by the heavens, a supernatural mystery.  Eclipses have historically been harbingers of potent change to come.  An Eclipse happening directly over a region is considered to have special meaning for that area.

This Eclipse has liberation and change in power written all over it (would be an auspicious time for Cascadia to liberate!) Venus, Mars, Mercury & Regulus Star will all be nearby & visible during this Eclipse. In Ayurvedic Astrology, an eclipse near the fixed star Regulus, brightest of ancient stars of Persia, known as little King, means there may be a fall of a leader of great nations with this aspect.  This Eclipse is happening with Sun and Moon at 28 degrees in Leo.  Trump having a Leo Ascendant, this Eclipse in Leo could mark trouble for him, change in position, health issues, lawsuits or impeachment?  Eclipses have been known to change political orders. Leo & Regulus aspect relates to Royalty, so Britain may face big changes in their Royal, political world, troubles with Breitbart or the Queen?

This Eclipse will effect Leos & Pisces most, focusing on their shadow side, lighting up areas that have been avoided, but now must be looked at & dealt with.  There may be a loss but it may be a way of lightening the load for something better coming, for instance if you lose your job, it might be that you will align with an even better job to come! (same goes for relationships, homes, etc.) Eclipses are used symbolically to clear and cleanse stagnant areas of your life, time to declutter, tidy up, space clear and do a smudging ceremony. Eclipses take us out of our regular patterns, so use this time to shift any bad habits. This powerful time can open you up to unknown realms, mystical dreams, new paths to take and promote positive growth, as changes will be for the better.  Remember to get your Eclipse glasses & Look UP!

The Eclipse Portal will open on Sunday 7/23/17 with a powerful New Moon Leo, then there will be a Lunar Eclipse Aquarius on 8/7/17 Full Moon. Then the next New Moon Leo 28 degrees will be the Total ECLIPSE, we are in the Path of Totality here in Central Oregon, with Madras, Oregon being the pinnacle of the Eclipse. The 6 Week Eclipse Portal will finally close on 9/6/17 with the Pisces Full Moon.

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