Space Clearing Bend

Space clearing defined…
Space clearing revitalizes the energies in a home, office, building or farm. It’s an effective ceremony for clearing stagnant energies, stuck patterns, maleficent forces, sickness, negativity or old astral debris from your home. Each space clearing is uniquely tailored in its purpose based on the type of property, its occupants and their goals. A space clearing can be a profoundly life-changing experience.
Before a Space Clearing….
Do not try to clean or organize your space, just leave it exactly how it usually is. Your piles of clutter or mess, tells a story about what areas in the Bagua may need clearing & energizing!
During a Space Clearing…
Preparation – Talking to find the main focus for a Space Clearing ceremony, some examples are to improve health, improve wealth, find true love, lose weight, increase business. Then, a 9 Star Ki of your space & all occupants is calculated. Configure the Bagua of your home together, learning your homes unique elements.
Tibetan bells, bowl &/or pendulums may be used to test the energy patterns of the space, as well as using Reiki hands to sense any disturbances, reading all energies embedded in the walls, furniture, objects and seeing what may be revealed to us, an amazing process.
Clearing – Several tools are employed to clear the space such as smudging with Sage and Palo Santo, Reiki, opening the gates of 4 directions, salt blue flames, singing bowls, chanting, salt water purification and other more advanced Space Clearing modalities. Next, we will increase the energy vibration by bringing higher frequencies into in the space. Recommendations for further Feng Shui transformations will be made according to the space’s unique 9 Star Ki, Bagua directions & occupants desires.
Consultation fees
The length of time required for a space clearing ceremony depends on the size of space and issues involved.  My rate is $125. An hour
Generally, a small office can be 1.5 hours = $200. A family home with many occupants can be 3-4 hours @ $375-500. A large building or Farm may take all day! Ghost busting may incur extra fees! It is a lot to clear the energy of poltergiests, maleficent ghosts or darker forces.
I usually need to get energy work myself after, so I do charge more if it is a particularly troublesome force, but those are extremely rare occurrences & I would let you know beforehand.

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According to Journal of Ethnopharmacology, a comprehensive scientific study validated ancient knowledge about the effect of smudging to clear airborne bacteria, viruses and pathogens from a space. Researchers observed medicinal smoke from burning holy wood (Palo Santo) and Sage caused 94% reduction of bacterial counts. Smudge smoke purified and disinfected the air, making an environment cleaner and caused a complete absence of pathogenic bacteria within a confined space.