Hazardous Air Quality

Possibly the worst Air Quality Bend has ever seen today as Wildfires rage on everywhere around us in Central Oregon! What can you do to improve Lung Function?

Keep your windows closed, it sucks to keep windows closed in August, but really.

Use as many Humidifiers as you can, I have 5 running full power & it seems to help add moisture.

Drink tons of water, spend your whole day consuming water, coconut water, breathe easy teas & other nourishing drinks, avoid alcohol unless it’s just getting to you & you need a drink, I get it!

Diffuse Respiratory Support Aromatherapy, I am diffusing Eucalyptus, Ravensara, Clary Sage & Tea Tree oils. If you have a headache, I’d add rosemary or lemongrass.

Sara Weimers our resident Aromatherapist also recommended Douglas Fir (which made me remember also Fir Balsam!), Arborvitae, Cardamon & Peppermint! Thank You Sara!

Take BREATHE supplement by Paul Stamets, a mix of mushrooms that helps you breathe!

Stamets Breathe

Take a supplement called N-Acetylcysteine an Amino Acid that is extremely beneficial to the lungs, you can find it online, Amazon can get it to you in a day.

If your eyes are watery, itching burning try taking  Nettles / Quercetin from local producer Wild Harvest

Wild Harvest Nettles Quercetin

Stay inside as much as possible & send Reiki to the firefighters & to the situation!

I am a LMT, Massage Therapist not a Naturopath but I had to share what I know about how to support the lungs because so many of my clients have been suffering this week, especially my elderly population.

If you have any other suggestions will you please leave them in the comments so we can all support eachother? Because it’s hard to think w/ out AIR!!!