Bend Health Guide Meet Up at Hopservatory @ Worthy’s

Join Bend Health Guide members in the Star Bar at 6:30pm for networking, ales and hanging out. Then stay for a special Hopservatory Experience at 8pm. This night is New Moon Virgo, a wonderful time for observing in the hopservatory b/c the moons light will not drown out the other planets. This is just before the alignment occuring 9/23/17 that has Astrologers all a buzz!

Because we’re reserving the HOPSERVATORY for our group alone, there is a $8 FEE if you wish to join us for the Hopservatory portion of the night. We are limited to 20 Guests. However, feel free to meet us in the Star Bar from 6:30-8 if you don’t want to commit to doing the Hopservatory!

Look forward to connecting with you all soon!

Reserve your space in our MEET UP PAGE