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By combining channeled energy healings, channeled messages, hands-on healing, and take-home protocols, Claire Demarest provides an advanced energy healing experience that ignites and supports your own innate ability to heal.  Providing the body, mind, soul, and spirit with  healthy frequencies through various types of energy work gives clear messages of  release, recalibrate, renew.

Contact Info:

Ph: 503-493-1652
Twitter: @ClaireDemarest


Lynette C. Frieden

Lynette Frieden has over 30 years of professional experience using energy and information techniques to help guide clients to good health, reduce stress, and increase energy. She practices energetic healing techniques under the umbrella of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Methodologies include:  NES Health and miHealth, Total Body Modification, Trinfinity8, Reiki, Sacro-Cranial Technique, and other innovative energy techniques.

Contact Info:

Lynette C. Frieden
2445 NE Division St., Ste. 204A
Bend, OR 97703
Ph: 541-388-9275

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Barbara Largent, MD

Barbara Largent M.D. is a physician and healer working with energy to help people release emotional, spiritual and physical blocks to their health and well-being.

Services include:

> Releasing negative emotions
> Getting “un-stuck” in your life
> Recharging your energy
> Relaxing your body
> Reconnecting to your intuition

Contact Info:

Ph: 541-550-0907
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Jennifer Morey

Access Bars® consists of 32 points on the head when lightly held help dissipate the junk held in our bodies that limits the EASE possible in every area of our lives! Jennifer Morey BF.BPF Certified Bars® Facilitator, offers Bars® sessions as well as over 60 other hands on Access® Body Process sessions.


Contact Info:

Ph: 541-848-7608

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Bridges of the Heart


Anita C. Stewart, R.N., has been gifted to work in healing her whole life. Energy healing, at times and for some, is unexplainable in words, but seen in the transformed lives of those through whom Anita provides her specialized care. A holistic approach expertise utilizes hands-on energy alignment. Naturally intuitive, she identifies areas in need of work and guides patients through a journey of deep self-discovery.

Providing insight and energy healing through one hour sessions in person or distance healing on the phone.

Contact Info:

Address: 60280 Ridgeview Drive East
Bend, OR 97702
Ph/Text: (541) 848-7938

Jay Wence


Jay Wence is a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing muscle-specific deep tissue, myofascial treatment work as well as wellness massage for health & relaxation. He performs treatment work for clients to improve mobility, and resolve postural dysfunctions and those troublesome aches and pains which, otherwise, just won’t go away. Additional services include;

> Healing/ Spirit Work
> Spiritual Development Classes/ Coaching
> Oracular Divinations
> Space Clearings/ Blessings

Contact Info:

Website: Spirit Body Medicine
516 SW 13th Street #102
Bend, Oregon 97702
Ph: 541-390-4594