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Home 29 NW Greely Ave Bend OR 97701 Website:

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The Blissful Heart provides opportunities to enrich & heal the mind, body & spirit with classes, workshops, events, retreats, support groups & the services of independent wellness practitioners.

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Home 339 SW Century Dr Bend OR 97702 Home Phone: 541-408-3720 Website: Susan Hall

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Susan Hall teaches Energy Medicine Yoga & does one on one Energy Medicine Sessions. See our Wellness Coupons for her special offering:

Mindful intention and movement were a natural fit for Susan after experiencing a tumultuous childhood. Harnessing her own inner resources and searching for the support, teachings and mentoring of others became Susan’s pathway for transformation and healing. She found Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga and meditation in her 20’s were helpful ways to ground, calm, center and relax her during unsteady or chaotic times. She utilized yoga and meditation to help deepen her relationship to the self. This process of turning inward offered her the opportunity to grow spiritually and heal physically and psychologically.

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Laura Purdy is a KRI certified Kundalini yoga teacher who offers classes in Bend. Yoga practices come in many variations in philosophy and style. Some yogas emphasize a physical workout. Others lean towards meditation. Kundalini Yoga practice encompasses some of both and emphasizes on consciousness that activates energy centers throughout the body.

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Intuitive Contact: Sherrie Wirth
Home Phone: 541.640.0270 Website:

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Sherrie Wirth is located in Bend which is the heart of Central Oregon and such an amazing place to live. She is certified as a Life Coach, Psychic Master Healer and a Reiki Master/Teacher. The following areas where she continues to educate herself: Law of Attraction, Past Life Regression, Psychic Mediumship, Energy Healing, Sound Healing, Color Therapy and Crystal Therapy. Sherrie has taught several classes & workshops on different subjects ranging from psychic abilities, intuition, women’s groups, meditation, crystals and Visionary Art.
Her gifts are in the areas of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.
Categories: Energy Medicine, Intuitive Readings, Meditation Classes, Sound Healing
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Contact: Jay Wence
Work 516 SW 13th Street #102 Bend Oregon Work Phone: 541-390-4594 Website: Spirit Body Medicine

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Jay Wence is a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing muscle-specific deep tissue, myofascial treatment work as well as wellness massage for health & relaxation. He performs treatment work for clients to improve mobility, and resolve postural dysfunctions and those troublesome aches and pains which, otherwise, just won’t go away. Additional services include;

> Healing / Spirit Work
> Spiritual Development Classes / Coaching
> Oracular Divinations
> Space Clearings / Blessings

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Yoga Contact: Andrea Stuart

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I have been practicing yoga for 25 years. It began with a meditation and didn’t take long to evolve into asana and lifestyle practices. Yoga Alliance 500-RYT certified. Andrea teaches Yoga Retreats in Bend, Oregon.

Categories: Fitness, Meditation Classes, Yoga
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