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You can change your health. I can help.

What we eat changes our physiology. When we eat whole nutrient dense foods that are right for our bio-individual needs, we change our physiology to support our health and enable our body’s natural ability and desire to heal. I want to help you take responsibility for your health so you can overcome your health challenges and acheive your health goals.

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2955 N. Highway 97 Suite 100
Bend, OR 97703
Ph: (541) 318-4757

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Mari Jacobson, NTP - My Nutrition Thing


Whether you’re struggling to lose weight, manage your blood sugar, have recently been diagnosed with a disease and need help managing it, or just want to get back on track with healthy eating; Mari Jacobson can help you find the best diet and lifestyle changes to meet your needs. Mari Jacobson is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in Bend, Oregon. Her business is called My Nutrition Thing because it’s about your nutrition and your lifestyle, personalized to fit your specific needs.


Restore Balance Nutrition & Energy Therapies



Anne Morrison & Sandy Wesson have both been navigating the health care system for over 25 years as registered nurses. After extensive training and education, they continue to help people to heal as certified Nutritional & Energy Therapy Practitioners! Anne & Sandy believe that when you restore balance in the body, everything heals. Take control of your health today!

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Address: New Office, Address to come! 
Phone: 541.639.8400