10,000 Buddhas by Amanda Giacomini

Our cover is just one segment of the 10,000 Buddhas Amanda Giacomini has set out to paint around the world. These Buddhas, found in Washington, D.C., were blessed by several Buddhist Monks who did an auspicious ceremony. They created an altar, chanted and prayed for whoever looks upon these Buddhas would be healed and all their suffering would be relieved. Amanda allowed us to place these holy Buddhas on our cover to offer healing to each and every one of you who gazes upon them.

Amanda Giacomini
10,000 Buddhas
Photo by Cody Apps

Amanda was inspired to paint 10,000 Buddhas after visiting Ajanta caves in India, 2000 years old, rock cut Buddhist caves with incredible ancient images of Buddha. One painting “1,000 Buddhas” told a story about Buddha teaching students to be humble, not to show off their super yogic powers or to compete in anyway with each other. Some students grumbled that Buddha only said that because he did not have any super enlightened powers. Then Buddha performed a miracle for his students, he replicated himself 1,000 times, as if to say all 1,000 Buddhas we’re all the same, none better than the other, teaching his students humility and compassion for each other. This is a story of bringing people together. In Buddhism, there are 3 Jewels: Buddha, enlightened Teacher, Dharma, the Teachings and Sangha, the community that comes together to practice the dharma in a group to bring about and maintain spiritual awareness. 10,000 Buddhas celebrates the Sangha, reminding us we are more powerful together than apart, this can be seen in times of trouble especially. When communities come together to support the same goals, they truly support each other. Such as coming together to do Yoga, it brings strength to our practice when we join together in a group. Just like the massive group of Yogis who came out to see MC YOGI and Amanda at Wren and Wild Yoga Studio in Bend! Doing Yoga in that size group has super powerful energy!

It is like this with the 10,000 Buddhas, all Buddhas coming together for the same goal: enlightenment. No one Buddha is better than anyone else, we are all the same, no matter what religion you follow, you can gain insights from this teaching to be humble, patient, kind and generous. As Amanda so beautifully put it, “you can become a gardener of your thoughts.” What do you want to grow? Weeds or flowers and fruits. Awareness allows you to plant seeds of positivity. Amanda is planting these seeds of light all over the world with her 10,000 Buddhas, you can find at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, La Quinta Resort, Asheville, NC, D.C. and what if, just what if we had some Buddhas here in Bend, Oregon?!
How amazing that would be!!! Who has a Wall available for Buddhas? If you are interested, contact her on her website or maybe just buy some Buddhas for your living room in her shop? 10000Buddhas.com

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