EARTH DOG New Years 2018

2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog

On 2/15 we will have a New Moon with Solar Eclipse with both Moon & Sun in Aquarius. This will be the most Auspicious time to hang your Prayer Flags, it is said that flags hung on the New Moon with an Eclipse will have 100 Million times the potency for manifesting your prayers & wishes, so Dream Big & hang your Flags!!! My husband says he’s going to wish for one dollar because it will be magnified by 100 million!

In general the Yang (male) Earth Dog is a strong year for setting goals, stability, support, growing your business & financial increase. If you can dream it, you can grow it in a Earth year, the soil is fertile & the Earth nourishes you.  So plant your seeds of intention in this Earth year & reap what you sow. This is an exceptional year for Real Estate, Investing, Farming, Gardening and Spiritual Retreats. The Earth element rules Mountains, so go to the Mountains as much as you can, connect to nature, listen to it’s call. There will be more focus on the Environment and a call to action.  Dog is said to be man’s best friend, so this year will not disappoint us, a year filled with love, loyalty and great friendships.  There can be a tendency to over-do in a Dog year just as dogs can run around tirelessly for hours, make sure you schedule time for rest and self care as that Yang Dog energy can wear you out. Dog year will be especially beneficial to Rat, Tiger and Ox, less beneficial to Dragons.

gung hay fat choy!!!


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