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Gong Baths

Winterfest Fairies

Winterfest 2018 Bend Health Guide Booth

Bend Health Guide participated in Winterfest this year because so many of our members collaborated so we could come together & share the costs of our booth!

I realized during this wonderful Event how much Better we are Together!!! I could not have afforded to do a booth for Bend Health Guide alone and I would not have been able to work it for 3 straight 12 Hour days!

Because we came together and shared our Booth, it made it more do-able for us all!

Friday night we had Tyler Kragerud of did Fascial Stretch Therapy with Laura on Chair Massage from

Then Saturday we had Sara Weimers of  gave Aromatherapy Scans & Free Hand & Arm Massages! Elyse Williams of gave powerful Pendulum Energy Clearings & sold many Gift Certificates 1/2 OFF that day!!!

Then Saturday afternoon Jennifer Morey of gave BARS Sessions & Tara Townsend of  did incredible Shamanic Drumming with a Crystal Grid in place under the table! Shannon Townsend manned the flyer table as I had Wind Invasion & had to go home early, thanks Shannon!

Thank you to Rhianon Wescott Photography for coming out & taking pictures of our booth on Saturday!

I couldn’t convince anyone that Saturday night would be a prime time to rent the booth, so I told Jennifer & Tara they could just stay as long as they wanted, they had a packed house at 8pm & decided to stay on past closing time til 10:30Pm!!! I bet they were tired after 8+ Hours of Healing Sessions!!!

Then Sunday Laura Purdy was going to bring her giant GONG for Sunday morning Gonging, but sadly her daughter caught that flu bug, so I filled in with Tibetan Gong Baths instead!

I was so relieved when the Faeiries of Glinwood Fae showed up Sunday afternoon  to entertain tons of kids with face paintings, glitter & gems out of their magic bags! Talk about Kismet & perfect timing because I was able to pack up our booth while they entertained all the littles with their cart of Bubbles & Pure Magic!!!

By the end of Winterfest I was so GRATEFUL for ALL of you, for the Support and how we truly are BETTER TOGETHER!!!



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