Bend Health Guide Spring Issue will be our biggest Health Guide yet with 158 Healthy Businesses in 44 different categories! Join us for as little as $111 for a Simple Listing to get your Business seen in Bend. This issue we will be Direct Mailing to even more residents of Bend in addition to the 18,000 copies we put all over town for a full 6 Months! This issue will also have a MAP of Healthy places in Bend! 

We may have a short growing season here in Bend but you can still grow your garden, starting now!  Get your hands & feet into the earth, it recharges you, as I learned from Diana Aimone’s Earthing article coming out in this issue! As a Massage Therapist, I feel like I am recharging the healing energy in my hands when I garden. When you put your hands or feet in the dirt you are getting mycobacterium vaccae, a soil-based organism that  is shown to play a positive role in gut and brain health, including lightening mood and anxiety. It improves your Microbiome, gut health, too!  Get outside, get dirty & GROW!

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