Cover Art Contest!

Cover Art Contest!

And the Winner is….Alyson Brown for Wildfolklore Apothecary Image #1!!!!

Congratulations Alyson!!!

For our Fall/Winter issue of Bend Health Guide we are having a Cover Art Contest!

These are the Submissions we have received as of our Deadline on 7/27/18.

Please make your VOTE by writing in your Favorite in the Comments here & you can also Vote on our FACEBOOK Page & Instagram by Searching @Bendhealthguidecoverartcontest

 In early September we will tally up all the Votes to select our WINNER!

 Susan Harman Artwork:

Susan Harman #1

Susan Harman #2

Susan Harman #3

Sherae Kim Artwork:

Sherae Kim #1


Sherae Kim #2



Wild Apothecary (Alyson Brown) Apothecary Artwork:

Alyson Brown #1

Alyson Brown #2


Kelly Thiel of the Wilds Bend 

Kelly Thiels #1

Kelly Thiels #2

Kelly Thiels #3


Photography by Sonja Runar 

Sonja Runar #1




Artwork By David Kinker:

David Kinker #1


Artwork by Allie Blanchard: 

Allie Blanchard #1

Allie Blanchard #2

Allie Blanchard #3

Allie Blanchard #4

Photography by Victor Johnson


Photo Victor Johnson #1


Photography by Megan Baker:

Megan Baker #1

Megan Baker #2

Megan Baker #3


Shannon Moe



    • Terie Sandusky

      you are so funny, Susan Harman, you are IN it & voting for others, love you!!!

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