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Pixie Lighthorse has given us 3 copies of

“Prayers of Honoring GRIEF” to giveaway!!!

We are over the moon excited to be featuring Pixie Lighthorse for the 3rd time in our Fall Bend Health Guide, this time speaking about Grief. Her Shamanic Teachings & musings heal the soul, we are blessed to have her right here in Central Oregon.

Leave a comment in the blog about Grief for a chance to WIN one of 3 Books we will give away, one will be given here on the blog, one on Facebook & One on Instagram, try all 3 places if you like.

Here’s what some others have been saying about Grief:

Meschell Anderson Grief is all the extra love you have for the one that left and it is like an ocean; it will come on in waves and ebbs and flows like the tides.

Everyone handles grief differently and in their own time. I personally have lost an important piece of my heart over a year and a half ago now and there is not one day that has passed that I have not thought about him. And in my journey with this different kind of grief, I have made peace with the situation and strive everyday to honor him. I still get triggered every now and again as grief is a long process; even with acceptance of the new reality. Though the key to easing the pain we experience during of grieving process is to really accept the new reality and to make peace with it. Grief is a journey that one has to fully submit to before it will get easier. I highly recommend when the sadness and tears creep in to just be in that moment. Cry it out. Allow those thoughts to intrude and process them. Then regroup and get back at it.  I firmly believe in life after human body death and that our souls are eternal because they are made of energy and energy can only be transferred and it is more than possible to still interact with our loved ones and they with us. We have to be open to their signs which is their new language

Emily Wiggins Grief affects us on a physical and emotional plane and I almost always find it affects my patients health in some way. I love helping people process grief through the lungs and with homeopathic support. It often leads to such a shift once past griefs have been allowed to fully move through and be released for a person.

Julie Tartak Grief for me is the acquiescing of recognition that something has changed in my heart. Whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, it’s the absolute shift that things will be different from that point of recognition on.. It’s allowing myself to feel without limitation, expectation or judgement and time constraints. It’s my souls knowing, it creates the natural season for caring and tending. Grief for me is letting go and feeling all the feelers, lovingly.

Regina Callahan I heard that it is a tradition in some parts of Africa (and I don’t know where or what tribe, etc. just learned this from a grieving client) that when someone loses someone close to them they get labeled as “temporarily insane” for a year. so they can have their grief process unapologetically. This makes so much sense to me having experienced the erratic nature of grief. Waves can come out of nowhere. one moment you are fine and then next you are a puddle. Our culture does everyone a disservice by telling the griever all they have to do is get really busy. That’s about the last thing they need to do. I am glad to see more education and awareness growing about the grief process. Namaste’

What say YOU about Grief?!

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