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Oftentimes in situations concerning health, a team is needed. And not just a team but a group of practitioners who think similarly about health and healing from their own specialties. A group of practitioners who communicate regularly about patients who are utilizing this collaborative team approach. Elixir is a collective, meaning that we strive to work together to support our patients, and each other, in a comprehensive approach to care. The providers at Elixir understand when other modalities of care are needed and how they will complement the treatment process. No healthcare profession has all the answers, but combining them in an intelligent way, when needed, can make drastic differences in health and well being.

Each provider at Elixir is experienced in their respective field and understands when incorporating Naturopathic care, Chinese medicine, Chiropractic, or Massage therapy can help a person reach their health goals in a more efficient way. We work to see all the pieces to each individual health puzzle and utilize the care that will be the most effective in addressing the root cause of illness. While you may never need more than your monthly chiropractic adjustment, occasional relaxing massage, acupuncture tune up, or annual well woman exam we would like for you to rest easily knowing that we have a comprehensive team of professionals ready to serve you, no matter what life throws your way.

Providers Include:

Dr. Lori Carroll, DC

Dr. Cally Asbill, ND

Kellie Chambers, LAC, MAOM

Sarah R. Jackson, LMT


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