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Energy Medicine Contact: Gail Jett
Home 362 NE Clay Bend OR 97701 Home Phone: 541-815-5603 Website:

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Gail has lived in Bend for over 19 years; and is a Nurse Practitioner, Board Certified in Women’s Health and Holistic Nursing.  Gail is also a Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master and Licensed Massage Therapist.   She became interested in Eden Energy Medicine after attending a seminar featuring Donna Eden and David Feinsten in 2007. She became so impressed with the benefits to her own health that she pursued the professional certification program, which she completed in February 2010.  She has since gone on to complete Year 3 (Clinical Practicum), and Year 4 (Grid and Regression) and is now an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Advanced Practitioner.  She is Faculty for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program,  and is also excited to be able to offer the program’s  Foundations classes here in Bend, Oregon . The Foundations classes are the first year of the Certification Program.

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Work Phone: 541-848-7608 Website: Conscious Junction

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Access Bars® consists of 32 points on the head when lightly held help dissipate the junk held in our bodies that limits the EASE possible in every area of our lives! Jennifer Morey BF.BPF Certified Bars® Facilitator, offers Bars® sessions as well as over 60 other hands on Access® Body Process sessions.

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Bodywork Contact: Terie Sandusky
Work Phone: 206-794-3118 Website: Kimimi Healing Arts

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Terie Sandusky is a LMT & Reiki Master with 20 years experience specializing in Deep Tissue Massage, Traditional Fire Cupping, Fertility Acupressure,Acutonics, Prenatal Massage and Tibetan Sound Healing. She also offers Feng Shui Space Clearing, Astrology & I-Ching readings as part of her Healing Arts practice. Try an Infrared Biomat during your Massage. Acutonics is Acupuncture without needles!

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