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Contact: Jill Deckman
Home 26 NW Irving Avenue, Bend OR, 97701 Home Phone: 206-661-8396 Website:

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Jill Deckman, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Bend MassageWorks.

Welcome to Bend MassageWorks! Both nurturing and therapeutic, our sessions address the

body as a whole and integrate muscle specific deep tissue work with flowing relaxation.

We offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal, Injury Rehabilitation, Oncology Massage, Cupping and Reiki sessions. Let us help bring balance back to your body as you travel through your day, your healing, your life.

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Photo of Bundle Of Joy
Doulas Contact: Sara Weimers
Work Phone: 541-602-8093 Website:

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Sara Weimers, LMT offers Infant Massage Classes.

Experience the joy, confidence, bonding, and many other benefits of infant massage. Studies have shown that this 5 week course can help with post pardum depression, confidence in parenting decisions, increased cognitive function, and overall health of baby and parents. Some other benefits include:

  • Sleep Improvement
  • Colic/Gas Relief
  • Improved Communication
  • Teething Pain Relief
  • Better Circulation

As a massage therapist of over 18 years, mom, and community educator, I love empowering parents with confidence and seeing the magic that happens in my classes.

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Photo of Everlong Healing
Contact: Amber Barney
Home Phone: 541-640-3650 Website:

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Our healing journey is everlong, and ever winding. The truths we find along the way bring us closer to awakening our self and finding our higher purpose in this life. Through facilitating a deeper mind and body connection, you’ll begin healing the whole self.

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Photo of High Desert Chiropractic
Contact: Dr. Brandi & Dr. Joshua Kuhn
Home 1551 NE 4th St. Bend OR 97701 Home Phone: 541-389-9373 Website:

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Dr. Brandi Kuhn grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and attended pre-medicine at the University of Calgary.  Personally receiving chiropractic care from the age of twelve with great benefit, natural health care had been a long time chosen career path.  Western States Chiropractic College brought her to Oregon.  Following graduation in 1999 Dr. Brandi practiced in NE Portland and 2 years later decided the snow of central Oregon was calling..

Dr. Joshua Kuhn received his undergraduate schooling at Southern Illinois University. With a long time desire to move out West he decided to attend Western States Chiropractic College in Portland not just for their location, but the superior curriculum. As an active mountain biker, snowboarder, and soccer player it was natural for him to be involved with sports medicine. He had served for three years as a volunteer national ski patroller at Mt. Bachelor and has treated many world class athletes as well as weekend warriors. Dr. Kuhn has studied under different mentors in order to receive a more well rounded education. Some of his areas of continued education include the TMJ, Gonstead technique, chiropractic biophysics, and motor vehicle injury assessment. Now Dr. Kuhn has had the privilege of passing on some of his clinical experience by mentoring senior chiropractic students as interns through an associate faculty position from his alma mater WSCC. There were many reasons Bend, OR was the perfect place for Dr. Josh. When not in the wilderness biking or snowboarding you might also find him playing with his little two little girls at their favorite park.

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Photo of Kimimi Healing Arts
Bodywork Contact: Terie Sandusky
Work Phone: 206-794-3118 Website: Kimimi Healing Arts

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Terie Sandusky is a LMT & Reiki Master with 20 years experience specializing in Deep Tissue Massage, Traditional Fire Cupping, Fertility Acupressure,Acutonics, Prenatal Massage and Tibetan Sound Healing. She also offers Feng Shui Space Clearing, Astrology & I-Ching readings as part of her Healing Arts practice. Try an Infrared Biomat during your Massage. Acutonics is Acupuncture without needles!

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