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Contact: Elysse Wiliam
Home Blissful Heart 29 NW Greeley Ave Bend OR 97701 Home Phone: 607-262-0269 Website:

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Elyse J. Williams, MS, CNS, RH (AHG)

Registered Herbalist, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher

Elyse brings nearly two decades of experience studying and practicing herbal medicine.

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Naturopathics Contact:  Robert Skarperud ND Laurie Grisez ND
Home 25 NW Louisiana Avenue, Suite 100 Home Phone: 5413896935 Website:

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Naturopathic Medicine

Family Medicine

Blue Star Naturopathic Clinic, PC

Phone Number:

25 NW Louisiana Avenue, Suite 100

We are a family practice natural medicine clinic located in downtown Bend, Oregon where we treat people of all ages.

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Photo of Dr. Emily Wiggins
Naturopath Contact: Dr. Emily Wiggins
Home Phone: 458.206.3252 Website:

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Your treatment should be as unique as your story. I help people with autoimmune illness, infertility and hormone imbalance get their lives back by listening to what makes their story different. Together we will create a sustainable plan to support your body’s ability to heal itself
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Photo of Fettle Botanic Bend
Herbs Contact: Katelyn Dexter
Home 19570 Amber Meadow Dr Ste. 120 Bend OR 97701 Home Phone: (541) 728-2368 Website:

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We are the child of a naturopath, and labor of love of staff. Nature works. In fact, it works wonders. Consider us your outfitter and guide to herbal medicine.

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Photo of Pacific Herbs
Contact: Cathy Margolin, LAC
Home Phone: 877-818-9990 Website:

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I have a passion for health and I have always known botanical’s can provide us with dynamic health. I accept only the highest quality, tested botanical’s for Pacific Herbs products. Unscrupulous companies exist and hurt our industry sometimes. My passion for health and herbal medicine and my personal guarantee is why Pacific Herbs will only produce the highest quality herbal products based on the rich history of hundreds of years of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Photo of Spirit Being Apotheca
Herbs Contact: Rachel Evans
Home Riverside Wellness 2955 North Highway 97 Bend OR 97703 Website:

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The plant world is our true home.  We are not meant to be bombarded with what modern society incessantly throws at us.  When we or those around us are walking representations of this stress, it becomes our reality.  If we can’t get to the plant world to reset, we can bring it to us.  As the plants weave into our bodies, minds, and hearts, they begin to release oppressive binds and allow our authentic essence to thrive.

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Photo of Wild Folklore Apothecary
Herbs and Apothecary Contact: Alyson Brown

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Alyson uses the powerful magic of flowers to craft refreshing products for the body and soul. Wild Folk was developed after years of independent research of flowers while seeking plant-based products that could aid in multiple facets of daily life. Each product is infused with flowers – both physically and literally – and is carefully developed to express the symbolic resonance of flowers.

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