Photo of Hand in Hand End of Life Doula Services
Hospice Contact: Cheryl Adcox
Home Phone: 208-571-0042 Website:

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Hand in Hand End of Life Doula Services

Committed to quality end of life care; accompanying and supporting individuals and their families as they navigate the final stages of life at any point from diagnosis of a terminal illness through death and briefly beyond.

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Photo of Peaceful Presence End-of-Life Doulas
Contact: Erin Collins

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Peaceful Presence End-of-Life Doulas
Erin Collins, RN CHPN and Jamie Kertay, RN CHPN
Peaceful Presence End-of-Life Doulas provide non-medical, thoughtful support to the dying and their loved ones. We are helping our community to reimagine death and dying by encouraging  discussion around death, by facilitating plans for the last stage of life, and by offering compassionate presence during the last months, weeks or days of life.
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