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Life Coach Contact: Andrea Wyland
Home Phone: 541-410-7011

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Andrea Wyland

I am an online health and fitness coach and business mentor, Im teamed up with an incredible company. I get to help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives. I have boot camp type groups on facebook as well as an app for your phone. I support my people through a nutrition course too of which I am in the process of getting special training and certification in.  An incredible community in which we are all just working to be the best version of ourselves! ️ LOVE for you to join us!

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Physical Therapy & Health Coaching Contact: Lisa Flexner

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Movement is the best medicine, but sometimes it’s just hard to get it done.  FlexHealth Consulting helps you identify and master the physical, mental, and emotional challenges holding you back, so you can improve your health and optimize your movement. Dr. Lisa Flexner is a physical therapist, health coach, and college instructor whose passion is helping people regain their ability, confidence, and desire to move.


Contact: Lisa Flexner, DPT, CSCS



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Photo of Jess B Fit
Fitness Contact: Jess B Fit
Home 719 NE Kearney Ave Bend OR 97701 Home Phone: 503-446-0803 Website:

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Jess Beauchemin is a certified personal trainer whose mission is to help people find joy in movement. Personal training, small group classes and outdoor skills workshops available!
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Photo of Movement Voodoo
Fitness Contact: Denise Palermo
Home Phone: (650) 520-8286 Website:

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Nate Tuffanelli & Denise Palermo

We are a Personal Trainers who look at movement, fitness & health through a different lens. We love to help our clients lose weight, get stronger, be the best at their sports, recover from injury and change their experience of pain.  Our mission is to teach highly motivated people something new about how their bodies and brains work together so they can move better and feel better.  Connect with us for a free consultation.

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