Chakra Ad Rates Sheet

For the first time in 4 issues, we have increased our ad rates slightly, so that we can Direct Mail to even more of Bend & better serve our Advertisers! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram & join us at our Bend Health Coffee Meetups later this Summer to get occasional discounts on advertising! Our Advertising Deadline is 9/24/18, but the sooner you get in, the sooner you are added to our Online Health Directory to start reaping the rewards!

Cover Art Contest!

Cover Art Contest! For our Fall/Winter issue of Bend Health Guide we are having a Cover Art Contest! Share your artwork in the comments or email it to us at & then follow us on Facebook & Instagram to cast your votes for your favorite Artwork (you can also VOTE here in the Comments!) In September we will tally up all the Votes & announce the winner!


Bend Health Guide Spring Issue will be our biggest Health Guide yet with 158 Healthy Businesses in 44 different categories! Join us for as little as $111 for a Simple Listing to get your Business seen in Bend. This issue we will be Direct Mailing to even more residents of Bend in addition to the 18,000 copies we put all over town for a full 6 Months! This issue will also have a MAP of Healthy places in Bend!  We may have a short growing season here in Bend but you can still grow your…

Infrared Biomat – better than a Sauna!

Infrared BioMat   Try it today at More info about Biomats at https://k We live in a time where toxins bombard our bodies: herbicides, pesticides , chemicals in our air and water plus general pollutants surround us. Toxins are linked to pain, sickness, cancer and dis-ease in our bodies, reducing toxins makes us feel better. The body has its own ways of detoxing, usually with heat, like a fever when you are fighting a virus, but because our bodies are overwhelmed by more toxins coming in than the body can process, toxins build up over…

What I Learned

What I Learned From My Son by Sue Bream My son, Scott, died of a heroin overdose at age 27, a little over a year ago.  I found out later that the heroin was laced with fentanyl.  How do I begin to write about his journey?  One day he is a newborn baby, the light of my life, and the next he is a struggling adolescent.  Then, a young adult with addiction issues.  Finally, tragically, he passed away. Were the signs there?  Yes, they were.  Unfortunately, as much as we tried to help our son,…